post_class(); … Take advantage of the new "Sticky Post" feature in WordPress 2.7

Of the many excellent new features coming in WordPress 2.7, some are applauding the arrival of sticky posts.

First – what are they? Sticky posts are posts that you can “stick” to your front page. For instance, if you have a post that you published a year ago and would like to republish it to the front page of your site for a time – you can edit that post and select “Stick this post to the front page” in the Edit Post page in your WordPress admin panel. Just doing that will stick it to your front page, ahead of all the other posts on your site.

You can use CSS to style those sticky posts, as well. All you need is this markup:

[php] <div id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>[/php]

That will insert a class=”sticky” above your post and you can use CSS to style .sticky. Cool, eh?

More? Yes, there is more. That same tag will insert special classes for your categories and tags, as well. An example?? I’m glad you asked! Hypothetically, I have a sticky post that I’ve filed in the Misc category and tagged with News, WordPress and Markup. With me so far? With all of that, plus the post_class(); tag in my template – my source code for that particular post looks like this:

[php]<div id="post-ID" class="post sticky hentry category-misc tag-news tag-wordpress tag-markup">[/php]

Now, I can use CSS to create special styles for the following classes:
– .post
– .hentry
– .sticky
– .category-misc
– .tag-news
– .tag-wordpress
– .tag-markup

I forsee lots of people having lots of fun with this! I am doing some custom work for some clients 2.7 (beta) right now, with the intention to launch them once 2.7-final is released. I’m having good fun working with the new post_class(); tag and the new features of sticky posts, threaded and paged comments. I’m excited for WordPress to release 2.7-final into the wild!

26 Responses to “post_class(); … Take advantage of the new "Sticky Post" feature in WordPress 2.7”

  1. Danalyn says:

    It’s about friggin’ time!

  2. Lisa says:

    I know, right? yahoo!

  3. Nathan Rice says:

    Not to try to pimp out my own content, but I really do thing the post I wrote yesterday would be a worthwhile read and/or bookmark for you and your readers.

    I tried to cover everything I could about the upcoming Sticky Post feature.


  4. Lisa says:

    Nathan – – of course you meant to pimp your own content!
    That’s cool because your post is v. helpful – thanks for sharing it!:)>-

  5. TheFrosty says:

    I am going to play around till the release, and hopefully get my new site built for the WP community looking pretty in 2.7!

  6. I am using 2.63 and I just installed a sticky-plugin that is less than great. So, when I read this I almost jumped for joy. This is a much needed addition.

  7. Rob Brennan says:

    Hi there! That’s so cool a second edition of your book is coming out; any chance I could buy a signed copy perhaps?

    Have a great Turkey Day – and keep it phunkay!

  8. Sure seems like a more practical solution than continuously changing the date of the post, which is what one of my friends does.

  9. Beu says:

    Those snow flakes are annoying.

  10. Daniel Balfour says:

    Really great post! I’ll even overlook the Pink!

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  15. Robert says:

    Hey I was wondering how to create a unique style for a post and call that style with the post_class() or post_ID(). I don’t want to edit the .post style because it would change the whole layout of the posts, I just want to change the text alignment to left on the single post page. Thanks!
    *Note: The website I listed is my own website, and not the wordpress one that I’m working on

  16. Willans says:

    Remember, you can take this even further by adding your own tags in to the post_class, such as:

    This can lead to all sorts of possibilities:
    – Easier styling for individual posts (to achieve a jasonsantamaria style site perhaps)
    – Different styles for different authors.
    – Different style for each month?

  17. neel says:

    Excellent trick. and nice function added by wordpress in 2.8 now we can style post according to the post category or posts tags.

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